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We’re Derek (Carpenter) and Kait (Rose)! We may be 'newbies' to this game, but not new to crafting! Kait discovered her love for crafting when knitting at the age of eight, learned to sew at ten, and her crafting skills continued to grow. She was Maid of Honor at my best friend’s wedding, recently, and wanted to add some personalized touches, igniting her passion for weddings. She found that by making my own creations she was able to put more of myself into things. Derek has an affinity for Etsy and what everyone is able to create. Now, we are both teachers--Derek teaches sixth grade, and Kaitlyn is an associate professor. But, we want to share our abilities and love for crafting with others, as well! There will soon be more products to come as we continue to grow our shop. Please make sure to love our shop as a favorite so you can see new posts! If you have any special requests or personalization (like font color changes, adding names, etc.), please do not hesitate message us. We will work with you so you receive and create exactly what you want. Thanks for stopping by our new shop and congratulations to your engagement and wedding to come!


Derek and Kait

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